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These were questions that kept me up at night more than anything else when I was getting my coaching business started.

I spent a year offering complimentary sessions, planning workshops and promoting my business everywhere, but no matter what I tried, I was left with a bank account that continued to collect dust. I was missing something and couldn’t figure out what it was.

What hurt most about this was I knew I was called to be a coach, and it felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my life’s mission.

I learned the hard way that being a powerful coach does not guarantee a thriving business.

After immersing myself in thousands of dollars worth of business training, and through a ton of trial-and-error, I was able to discover the processes that allowed my passion to lead to some serious profit.

But there’s good news and bad news about this…

The good news is that this system has helped me maintain a full client load and a six-figure income. The best part about that is knowing that I am changing lives doing the work I am meant to do.

The bad news is that there are so many phenomenal coaches out there flushing money down the toilet because they don’t have the business insight required to make tons of money and a huge difference.

Because I care so deeply about the coaching world, and have been fortunate enough to train and mentor hundreds of coaches around the country, I am sharing all that I know for how to pick-up your game so prospective clients become PAYING clients.

The Client Magnet Mastermind is an exclusive group of coaches dedicated to growing their businesses.

Success Stories

“I made over $6300, signed on five clients, and move into my own cute little office space!” – Sam S.

“I got my first paid client and made $595! I was also able to promote the benefits of coaching to my employer and am now coaching at work as well!” – Chasity W.

“I closed two clients in one day charging double my rates!” – Dali L.

“I effortlessly signed on a client for $2000 using a template!” – Mariah B.

“I signed my FIRST paying client for a $850 contract!” – Lesley M. (pictured)

“I was able to launch my website and, within the first week, I had a client hire me for $822!” – Claire B.

“I signed on a new client and made $825 within a couple weeks of starting the program!” – Kate B.

“I used Frank’s template for a complimentary consultation. Halfway into the call, my client was so blown away and hired me on-the-spot.” – Jeremy S.

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Choose Your Membership: Basic or Platinum

Basic Membership Includes:

Immediate access to recordings of seven 90-minute webinars giving you what you need to know about the key areas most coaches struggle ($3500 value).

Frank will also present these webinars live during the year, which you can join as many times as you would like. (See live webinar schedule below.)

Webinar #1: How To Nail Your Niche
– How to get crystal clear about who you work with
– How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes coaches make when choosing a niche

Webinar #2: How To Answer “What Do You Do?”
– How to describe coaching in a way that clients find irresistible 
– How to powerfully position yourself as an expert

Webinar #3: How To Package Your Programs
– How to scale your business so you make more money in less time
– How to choose a price for your coaching 

Webinar #4: How To Have Sexy Sales Conversations
– How to confidently share your rates with clients
– How to transform an “I can’t afford it” to YES!
– How to receive payment without feeling guilty or manipulative

Webinar #5: How To Captivate An Audience
– How to powerfully deliver a presentation from start to finish
– How to connect with a crowd even if you are an introvert
– How to share an inspiring story that builds trust with your audience

Webinar #6: How To Crush Your Complimentary Consultation
– The 10 Magical Questions to ask in any consultation
– How to show your potential clients why it’s a no-brainer to hire you

Webinar #7: How To Build A Tribe of Raving Fans
– How to quickly attract thousands of potential clients
– How to fill up your events (even if it’s your first time)
– How to get awesome client success stories

You will also have immediate access to 20+ step-by-step templates that walk you through the steps in becoming a powerful client magnet ($300 value).

Access to our members-only Facebook group where you will receive ongoing support and accountability ($50 value).

Total Value: $3,850
Current Tuition Special: $2,997 (save $800+)

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Want More Support? Consider Platinum Membership:

Platinum members receive all the Basic features ($3850 value), plus access to our Team of Experts

  • Ten private 45-minute sessions with an Accountability Coach ($3000 value)
  • Two private 30-minute sessions with Frank ($500 value)
  • Two private 30-minute sessions with a Creative Marketing Consultant ($500 value)
  • One private 60-minute sessions with a Branding Strategist ($500 value)
  • One private 60-minute session with a Tax Accountant ($500 value)

Total Value: $8,850
Current Tuition Special: $5,997 (save $2,800+)

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Who are the Experts?

  • Frank Macri is the Founder of the Client Magnet Mastermind and has supported over 1,000 coaches translate their passion for coaching into a thriving business.
  • Jamie Shindler is a Creative Marketing Consultant who supports entrepreneurs in creating marketing plans that allow them  to get their services out there in bigger ways.
  • Karlos Copara is a Branding Expert who supports entrepreneurs in identifying the “look and feel” that makes their business unique and help them stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Peter Dressler is a Tax Accountant who specializes in supporting coaches with legal matters and making sure tax season is stress-free.

By the end of the program, it’s highly likely you’ll be giving yourself a raise and running your business more efficiently. More importantly, you’ll be attracting more clients and leaving a positive impact on people’s lives.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

This depends: Would you rather become certified with no clients or certified with lots of clients? You can support your clients with the skills you have now as a coach. The sooner you learn how to grow your business, the sooner you will make a difference in more people’s lives and enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss.

Yes! Please e-mail frank[at] with the best phone number to contact you at to set up on with a payment plan that works with your budget.

Check-in with your current priorities. Are the things on your plate things you want to be there? Do they bring you fulfillment? Are they taking your closer to your long-term vision, or just keeping you busy and distracted? This program will help take things OFF your plate so you have more time to spend on things that bring you joy.
It’s normal to worry about failure right before you commit yourself to something important to you. In the past, when I’ve experienced this fear, I’ve learned: In order to succeed, my commitment to my vision needs to outweigh the fear of failure. It’s never satisfying waking up knowing that I choose to not do something because I let my fear get the best of me.

Think about a time in the past when you were concerned about failing but actually surprised yourself with how well you did. How did that feel?

Now think about your commitment to having a thriving coaching business. Why is this so important to you? Think about the people waiting for you to support them. Why is so important you help them?

Now think about the example you want to set for your clients. Your clients will also have fears and concerns keeping them from their biggest goals and dreams.

If you took a stand now, not only for the sake your vision, but the vision of your clients, what would you do?

If that means joining Client Magnet Mastermind, congratulations on taking this step towards your highest commitment, and welcome!