Client Success Stories

Before, I struggled with feeling comfortable in a niche that felt like it “fit”. I felt confused and overwhelmed and didn’t know where to focus my business. Frank helped me hone in on what was holding me back, who I really wanted to serve, and how best to reach those folks. While working with Frank, I was able to make over $6300, sign on five clients, move into my own cute little office space and feel focused and excited about the direction I was moving. Now, I feeling confident in knowing I will have a successful coaching practice.
– Samantha S., Certified Professional Coach, Oregon

Within a week after joining the Client Magnet Mastermind, I signed on a client for a $2000 package! Frank’s template for the complimentary consultation took me out of my stress and helped me to be present during the call. The client almost didn’t let me finish because she was so ready to pay for the program. I’m so excited and don’t feel stuck anymore! Yesss!!!

– Maria B., Success Coach for Professional Looking for Recognition at Workplace, California

Initially, I didn’t have a clue how to market my services, price my packages or speak to potential clients. I felt intimidated by the prospect of having sales conversations, and I was lost with regards to where to focus my energy when it came to marketing myself. After joining the Client Magnet Mastermind, I really began to feel like a professional coach! I gained a stronger sense of the value I was offering prospective clients, and I became comfortable talking about what I do in a way that makes people want to know more. Additionally, I signed on a new client and made $825 within a couple weeks of starting the program! I have since increased my rates, and feel much more comfortable with money piece of the business. I have also begun to develop my online presence, and am planning the launch of my first group coaching program. So many exciting steps forward that I would not have taken yet if it weren’t for this program. I have no doubt that this program has expedited the process of building my business. Now, I feel that I truly embody my role as a coach, and speak about my work with a greater sense of ease and purpose. I have the tools and solid foundation for the process of marketing my business, and I feel confident in attracting clients moving forward.

– Kate B., Certified Professional Coach, Maine

At first, I struggled so much trying to get clients. People were reaching out to me and intrigued about my services, but I didn’t consider myself to be a natural sales person. I often felt awkward and struggled in my conversations. My energy was off, and I think both myself and my potential clients could feel it. I started to doubt whether or not I would be able to make my business work. Thanks to Frank’s support, I was able to get my first three PAYING clients! I now feel more confident in my ability to get clients in a way I never thought possible before. I knew I could be a good coach, and I now know I can be a good business woman too.

– Ayana B., Certified Health & Wellness Coach, California

After starting my coach training, I knew I wanted to become a successful coach… only I was terrified of actually reaching out to coach people. In the spirit of coaching, I knew I had to get out of my own way, and that’s where Frank came in. As a result of working together, I replaced my dread and panic with open-hearted love. After a few sessions, I launched my website and had a paying client sign up for my $800+ package! I’m feeling so confident about the future of my coaching business, and I haven’t even received my coach training certificate yet.
– Claire B., Spiritual Life Coach, UK

“Before, I struggled articulating my niche and the value that coaching brings to potential clients. I went back and forth over this for the entire time I was in my coaching program. The Client Magnet Mastermind gave me the guidance I needed to speak confidently about the value of my coaching and niche. After joining the Mastermind, I got my first paying client! I was also able to promote the benefits of coaching to my employer and am now coaching at work as well! Now, I have the tools and confidence I need to invite any and every one to experience coaching with me.
– Chasity W., Certified Professional Coach

“Before working with Frank, I struggled with knowing how to start my business and felt overwhelmed about where to begin. I had a lot of enthusiasm, but lacked the tools to be effective. Now, I not only have clarity about what it takes to get my business up and running, but I have paying clients and two workshops scheduled! It feels amazing knowing I can grow my business in a way that is authentic to me. I am now confident in knowing I can truly grow a business that I love!”
– Diana A., Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach, Pennsylvania

Your turn! What will your success story be?