Executive Leadership Training


According to a 2015 Gallup poll, nearly 70% of US employees are not engaged at work. This number has remained steady over the past decade, and as a result, billions of dollars are spent annually on turnover costs.

What if each member of your team were fully committed to the vision of your company and showed up as true leaders everyday at work? What would be different if you could optimize your organization’s time, energy and relationships?

The Executive Leadership Training is a 6-month program for forward-thinking organizations that seek to incorporate synergy and self-awareness into their company’s culture.

Our training is unlike any other. This is not a traditional curriculum with long, boring lectures. Our training provides a hands-on, transformational experience that provides direct and personalized support from some of the top coaches in the industry.


The Process

Step 1: Choose Your Team’s Speciality Track

  • We offer three specialized tracks for our training. These include:

    • Proactive Communication: Having the Courage to Speak Up When Others Remain Silent

    • Trust in the Workplace: Creating A Space For Everyone To Be Heard

    • Mindful Influence: How To Ethically Inspire Change Without Arousing Resentment or Resistance

Step 2: Team Receives “Energy Leadership Index” Assessment

  • 80-question online assessment


Step 3: Team Receives “Energy Leadership Training

  • 4-hour in-person training

  • Ideal for 5 to 20 attendees

Step 4: Team Receives One-On-One Coaching

  • 10-session minimum per participant

  • One session lasts for one hour and can be divided into 30-minute sessions

Step 5: Team Receives “Energy Leadership Mastery” Training

  • 4-hour in-person follow-up training

  • Ideal to schedule 3-6 months after initial Energy Leadership Training

About the Energy Leadership Index ASSESSMENT

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a one-of-a-kind attitudinal assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. The ELI is a tool used to create effective styles of leadership that positively influence and change not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole.

The Energy Leadership Index was ranked by Forbes as one of the best assessments every executive should take. The ELI was created by the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and is commonly used with Fortune 100 companies and high-performing leaders around the world.

About the Energy Leadership Training

Even the most savvy and successful leaders have their blindspots. The Energy Leadership Training is a dynamic, experiential opportunity for your team to be introduced to the Energy Leadership paradigm. Instead of sitting through a dull workshop, these 4-hours are designed to awaken and energize your team to engage as they learn.


In this training, attendees will learn:

  • The foundations of “7 Levels of Leadership” that attract (and repel) success

  • The 4 “energy drainers” that drain a team’s productivity (and how to avoid them)

  • A simple and powerful tool to listen, communicate and collaborate effectively

  • How to recognize and express your potential as a leader in your organization

  • … and more!

About the One-On-One ExECUTIVE Coaching

Most organizations supply their team with leadership training as a one-off. In other words, trainers come in and leave, which results in employees needing to “figure it out” on their own. What ends up happening with this approach is your team may be initially excited about receiving training, but they are not given skills to move anything forward after that. Most of what they learn wanes and goes back to scratch.

The purpose of ongoing coaching is to provide integration and and accountability. We want your team to have results that are sustainable, so the one-on-one executive coaching reinforces the concepts taught in the Energy Leadership Training while providing your team with personalized support.

(Note: We recommend each participant have a minimum of 10 sessions. Additional sessions may be included as per the organization’s request.)


About the Energy Leadership Mastery Training

Energy Leadership Mastery builds upon the foundation and skills shared in the first training module.

In this training, attendees will learn:

  • Advanced insights into the “7 Levels of Leadership”

  • How to increase your performance and make a greater impact at work

  • How to challenge deep-seeded thoughts and emotional patterns that get in the way of leadership

  • … and more!

What Past Attendees Are Saying


“I oversee a large corporate training department, but I become very impatient and bored as a participant. This was the first time in a very long time that I was able to maintain focus and stay engaged 100% of the time.”

“Scott has helped me navigate the waters of hiring, firing, and motivating employees to do their best work. He asks the right questions to get straight to the heart of the problem, and helps identify the best course of action, to best run the people side of the business. I highly recommend Scott to anybody who needs help running and building a team.”

“Frank was fantastic. He had a wonderful balance of keeping it professional, but also connecting personally with people. He had a great sense of humor and presentation style.”

“I am a tough critic, but Frank did an amazing job. He was so connected and did a great job making a safe and positive environment.”

“I was amazing by what a great trainer Frank was. Not only did he convey the information well, he did it humorously and was engaging. I was never bored.”

“For such a young age, Frank exhibited a skilled, charismatic and polished presence that was relatable and authentic.”

“Scott is is organized, creative and dedicated. He implemented a 360 process, coached managers on enhancing/improving their skills and facilitated numerous performance development sessions. Scott asked excellent strategic questions and focused on sustainable results.

“Frank is transcendent, bold, intuitive and life-changing. I am grateful I had the opportunity to experience this amazing personal growth with him.”

“Frank is always upbeat, listens amazingly well and models an image of a leader for all of us to aspire to. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a better trainer.”

Having spent 30 years in HR, I’ve seen many trainers over the years, and Frank is one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

About The FacilitatorS

Scott Verrette has over 30 years of experience as an executive leadership coach, organizational effectiveness consultant, and career counselor working with organizations ranging from global manufacturing, wireless communications, and computer technology companies to life science start-ups and governmental agencies. In his recent years, his work has been focused on executive leadership coaching, including a large number of clients located in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

A sampling of his recent coaching engagements include:

  • The CEO of a telecommunication company who was new to the industry and who needed to build trust with key leaders and to navigate organizational politics in a highly hostile environment.

  • The Senior Director at a biotechnology company who needed to transition from a formerly technical/scientific role into a senior managerial role.

  • The V.P. of Clinical Operations & Regulatory Affairs at a rapidly growing biomedical firm who needed to expand strategic leadership skills to keep pace with organizational expansion.

Scott’s educational background includes a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University/Leadership Institute of Seattle and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He is also certified in the workplace application of Alternative Dispute Resolution interventions and Emotional Intelligence education.

Frank Macri is an executive leadership coach and trainer who has spoken in Canada, China and over a dozen US cities. He has shared the stage with some of the world’s top experts on leadership, coaching and communication. One of his clients is a 3-time Emmy-Award winner.

Frank is also the President and Founder of Speak More Make More, a public speaker academy that has supported hundreds of executives, coaches and independent practitioners find their voice as leaders and achieve their professional goals.

Frank previously served as a Lead Trainer for one of the world’s most prestigious coaching institutes, where he taught hundreds of students expert-level coaching skills and communication strategies that they used to achieve their potential as leaders in their organizations. He is considered one of the best coaches in the industry.

Photo from a "Life & Leadership Potentials" Training in Los Angeles

Photo from a "Life & Leadership Potentials" Training in Los Angeles

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(Note: Additional coaching sessions may be added as per the organization’s request.)

More Comments From past attendees

Unbelievable presence for someone so young. Frank keeps the group connected through his incredible teaching skills, humor, warmth and open heart. I would attend any course that Frank was involved in teaching.

Frank is super fun and has great energy. It is refreshing to have such a transparent trainer that really owns who he is.

Frank was an extremely energetic, fun, authentic and well-informed trainer. He uses great examples from his own life which really helped contextualize the strategies we were learning.

Scott is a very capable business coach and consultant. I highly recommend Scott to any company interested in employee relations and building executive communications.

Frank kept things lively and perfectly struck the balance between being serious and cracking jokes.

Frank was able to address anything that came up in the training with respect and turn it into a learning experience for everyone.

Frank really knows how to engage an entire audience and keep the energy level high all the time! He went through a lot of information but made it fun the entire way with his wit and humor.

As a coach, Scott helped each team member challenge and stretch themselves to reach their full potential. He was also adept at assisting each team member learn and flex their professional styles and orientations so that we worked better as a team.

Frank has amazing energy and passion for helping others. Great sense of humor – all in all a perfect trainer.

Frank keeps the subject matter light by injecting fun and enthusiasm while modeling his depth of knowledge through practical examples. His engagement, openness, and mastery are examples to us all. Frankly, I’ve been through many trainings in my life, and I think Frank is the best trainer I have worked with.

Frank ROCKS! His energy is amazing! He was excellent at keeping me engaged! So much fun!

With Scott's help, not only did individual performance improve but the team learned how to constructively challenge one another, how to trust one another and how to position each other for collective success.

Frank has the ability to connect with people easily and gain their trust.


Frank is just a stellar instructor, plain and simple. His listening skills are sharp, consistent and spot-on. I learn well with Frank at the head of the room.

Frank was an incredible, highly motivating, supportive, encouraging, entertaining, knowledgeable and relatable speaker. He connected so well with all of us. I was really impressed with Frank’s ability to let his amazing self shine through while still being professional, clear and entertaining.

Frank was excellent. I loved his compassion and his sense of humor. His presentation style is engaging and authentic. I loved that it was upbeat without being over the top.

Frank was sensational. Confident, clear direction, wonderful humor and ease. He seemed to know his material inside and out, and what more, seemed to live it and love it. His energy and enthusiasm were infectious.

Frank was very approachable and likable. I loved his energy and professionalism and totally felt connected to him.

For someone so young, Frank was remarkable.

I really wish I could nitpick and provide an area for Frank to improve, but I would be lying. He needs to keep on doing what he’s doing!

What really stands out is Frank’s ability to create a true learning community and a very safe space for us to be vulnerable. His energy is infectious.

Scott was helpful in helping our team develop a communications strategy that engaged company stakeholders. I highly recommend Scott as an organizational development consultant; professional coach and facilitator.

Frank creates a respectful, engaging and safe container that makes it easy to show up and learn.

Frank was amazing. There is something special and real about him. His authenticity is contagious. He exceeded my expectations.

Frank’s delivery was authentic and precise. He is a great example of walking the talk.