Services Provided

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    Life Coaching

    If your life were to become more purposeful in the next year, what would be different? What’s stopping from having the success you want? Life coaching gives you the support you need to take your life from fine to fulfilling.

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    Business Coaching and Consulting

    Are you an entrepreneur looking to take action on a business venture? Do you have a service but struggle to market and sell in a way that feels authentic? Business coaching and consulting will give you the strategies to take your vision to reality.

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    Couples Coaching

    Relationships are constantly going through cycles of change, and oftentimes these changes result in conflict and distrust. Couples coaching allows you create healthy communication dynamics and bring love and passion in you relationship.

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    Mentor Coaching

    Want to take your coaching skills to the next level? Get direct and focused feedback to improve your presence and power as a coach and shift a client’s energy from the core.

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2017 Coaching Programs

Starter Package
– Energy Leadership Index Assessment*
– One 60-minute debrief session

Standard Package
– Twelve 50-minute coaching sessions (3-4 per month)
– Accountability check-ins (via e-mail)

* About the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment
The ELI is a unique and insightful assessment that reveals how one’s attitudes, perceptions and beliefs about the world shape one’s leadership style. The assessment breaks down your results into seven levels of awareness. The lower levels represent the areas of life we feel stressed, stuck or drained, while the higher levels attract joy, motivation and success into our relationships and careers. After completing your assessment and debrief, you’ll understand how you can experience the full potential of yourself and what your life has to offer. Click here for more information about the ELI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Package pricing is not listed here because they are changed overtime and may not reveal up-to-date costs. To learn more about different package options and pricing, reach out to Frank at frank[at]
Yes! Please reach out to Frank at frank[at] to schedule your complimentary breakthrough session.
Sessions are usually held over Skype or FaceTime, depending on the client’s preference. Clients living in Seattle may choose to have in-person sessions.
Yes. All coaching programs are designed to support either individuals or couples.
Yes. The ELI may be taken in a 360-degree format, where up to five sources evaluate the individual on over 30 different leadership competencies.
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