At first, I was feeling disorganized, struggling with self-confidence, and having issues of fidelity in my relationship. As I began working with Frank, I discovered the thoughts which held me back from achieving my full potential. Frank helped me immensely in taking on new opportunities personally and professionally and feeling like I could actually do it – and I deserved it. His nature and approach is one that invites you to share and feel like you’re trusting a good friend with your personal information. As our working relationship grew, so did my insight and ability to share more during our sessions. Frank really helped me build a tool kit for dealing with challenges and learning to be even more resilient. I was able to move forward in our sessions where previously when I worked with other professionals I would often get stuck.
– Erick Nuñez, University and Career Counselor, China/USA

I decided to work with Frank when I was experiencing low self-esteem, anxiety and confusion about my identity. I most appreciate Frank’s deep listening, processing and explaining skills. I feel and hear his intention to support me with the skills he has, and most importantly, his love for humanity. He appreciates people. Frank brings clarity to my thinking and what’s happening to me in the moment. I don’t know how he does it, but he comes from the perspective that whom he addresses is fully capable of transforming and sustaining their life. Now, instead of people-pleasing, I am starting to be in control and not let other people’s perceptions affect me.
– Mabel Regis, ESL Teacher, China/UK

I was nervous during my initial session, but Frank instantly made me feel at ease. Imagine having someone who will listen with an open mind to everything you have to say, knows exactly the right thing to say at that moment and pushes you, though not too much, to achieve your goals, and you have Frank. Rather than tell me what to do with my life or give me advice in current obstacles I might be facing, Frank offered me something much more valuable: perspective. And this is something absolutely everyone can benefit from.
– Dana Dovey, Reporter, New York

I came to Frank when I felt disorganized and was experiencing an overall lack of direction. Frank allowed me to understand what my biggest priorities were and then use that information to better serve my goals. Coaching challenged a lot of the beliefs I held about why I wasn’t achieving my goals or the beliefs about my own capabilities. Frank encouraged me to work out my own solutions in a way that I found very useful in understanding myself better. As a result, I was able to improve my time management skills and see my progress from session to session, which was really gratifying!
– Leah Davis, Travel Blogger, Colombia/USA

Before talking with Frank, I was dealing with a lot of stress and health issues from working a soul-sucking job. Frank’s coaching encouraged me to come to terms with what it was I wanted out of my career. I loved how quickly into a session I could see a difference in my thoughts and feelings about something. Having someone as insightful as Frank to share with me his observations allowed me to see things I otherwise couldn’t, which helped me make better decisions. After getting out of a vicious cycle of feeling sorry for myself, I cleared the fog and got a new job!
– Cynthia Dixon, Publications Specialist, Washington

Before working with Frank, I did not have clarity about the long-term goals for my business. With his help, I was able to get to the heart of what really matters for my business and life. Frank skillfully assisted me in envisioning a plan for my business that was exciting, purposeful, and fulfilling. Frank is a consummate professional and engaging coach who naturally leads with the deeper questions in life. Thank you, Frank, for inspiring me to be my best.
– Michelle Frost, Entrepreneur, Washington

Originally, I would always feel frustrated not knowing how to deal with a strained relationship with a family member. Frank made me go beyond the surface level issues that were bothering me to find out what was really causing my irritations. Frank’s coaching gave me a different perspective on my situation, which allowed me to make self-realizations and come up with effective ways to heal my relationship. As a result, I have been able to regain and strengthen the relationship that I now have with my family.
– Sean Mann, Recruiter, Washington

Originally, I struggled maintaining focus, drive, and a positive outlook in my life post-graduation. Frank’s patient and honest approach to life coaching allowed me to feel comfortable sharing my problems. I never felt judged or embarrassed, and I left each session feeling productive and positive. No one had asked me the kind of questions that Frank asked. Frank was wonderful in helping me set achievable goals to attain each week that ultimately made me feel more positive about the place I’m at in my life. By doing so, I was able to dig deeper into what I truly want out of my career and relationships.
– Christa Metropolis, Global Export and Compliance Specialist, Massachusetts

At first, I was having feelings of guilt and selfishness for chasing my dreams and a new business opportunity. There were so many self-limitations I had created for myself that I didn’t even realize I had until working with Frank. I am so grateful for his compassionate yet probing questions which kept me always moving forward. Frank helped me realize that I am worth the success that I achieve and that putting myself first by going after my goals will also benefit loved ones in my life. With that awareness, I was able to move past the feelings of guilt and embrace all that I am meant to be.
– Dori Sonntag, Vice President for Organizational Effectiveness, Washington

When I was faced with life-changing decisions I had to make rather fast, I turned to Frank as a personal coach. The process was mind-blowing for me. Besides getting incredible support from Frank, I was able to explore my fears, self-doubts, values, and therefore get an incredible sense of who I truly am. Frank is incredibly intuitive and wise. He challenges you in a humble, supportive and clever way. I felt I was not alone in dealing with my tough decisions. I felt a sense of hope and comfort knowing that we would be able to solve any challenge together.
– Ana Kiklevich, Entrepreneur, USA/Russia

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