Comments From Anonymous Training Attendees

Unbelievable presence for someone so young. Frank keeps the group connected through his incredible teaching skills, humor, warmth and open heart. I would attend any course that Frank was involved in teaching.

Frank is super fun and has great energy. It is refreshing to have such a transparent trainer that really owns who he is.

Frank was an extremely energetic, fun, authentic and well-informed trainer. He uses great examples from his own life which really helped contextualize the strategies we were learning.

I oversee a large corporate training department, but I become very impatient and bored as a participant. This was the first time in a very long time that I was able to maintain focus and stay engaged 100% of the time. Having spent 30 years in HR, I’ve seen many trainers over the years, and Frank is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Frank kept things lively and perfectly struck the balance between being serious and cracking jokes.

Frank was able to address anything that came up in the training with respect and turn it into a learning experience for everyone.

Frank really knows how to engage an entire audience and keep the energy level high all the time! He went through a lot of information but made it fun the entire way with his wit and humor.

Frank has amazing energy and passion for helping others.

Great sense of humor – all in all a perfect trainer.

Frank’s delivery was authentic and precise. He is a great example of walking the talk.

Frank has the ability to connect with people easily and gain their trust.

Frank is always upbeat, listens amazingly well and models an image of a leader for all of us to aspire to. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a better trainer.

Frank is just a stellar instructor, plain and simple. His listening skills are sharp, consistent and spot-on. I learn well with Frank at the head of the room. 

Frank was excellent. I loved his compassion and his sense of humor. His presentation style is engaging and authentic. I loved that it was upbeat without being over the top.

Frank was very approachable and likable. I loved his energy and professionalism and totally felt connected to him.

For someone so young, he was remarkable.

I really wish I could nitpick and provide an area for Frank to improve, but I would be lying. He needs to keep on doing what he’s doing!

What really stands out is Frank’s ability to create a true learning community and a very safe space for us to be vulnerable. His energy is infectious.

I am a tough critic, but Frank did an amazing job. He was so connected and did a great job making a safe and positive environment.

I was amazing by what a great trainer Frank was. Not only did he convey the information well, he did it humorously and was engaging. I was never bored.

Frank creates a respectful, engaging and safe container that makes it easy to show up and learn.

Frank was amazing. There is something special and real about him. His authenticity is contagious. He exceeded my expectations.

For such a young age, Frank exhibited a skilled, charismatic and polished presence that was relatable and authentic.

Having spent 30 years in HR, I’ve seen many trainers over the years, and Frank is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Individual Client Success Stories

Before talking with Frank, I was dealing with a lot of stress and health issues from working a soul-sucking job. Frank’s coaching encouraged me to come to terms with what it was I wanted out of my career. I loved how quickly into a session I could see a difference in my thoughts and feelings about something. Having someone as insightful as Frank to share with me his observations allowed me to see things I otherwise couldn’t, which helped me make better decisions. After getting out of a vicious cycle of feeling sorry for myself, I cleared the fog and got a new job!
– Cynthia D., Publications Specialist, Washington

Before working with Frank, I did not have clarity about the long-term goals for my business. With his help, I was able to get to the heart of what really matters for my business and life. Frank skillfully assisted me in envisioning a plan for my business that was exciting, purposeful, and fulfilling. Frank is a consummate professional and engaging coach who naturally leads with the deeper questions in life. Thank you, Frank, for inspiring me to be my best.
– Michelle F., Entrepreneur, Washington

I came to Frank when I felt disorganized and was experiencing an overall lack of direction. Frank allowed me to understand what my biggest priorities were and then use that information to better serve my goals. Coaching challenged a lot of the beliefs I held about why I wasn’t achieving my goals or the beliefs about my own capabilities. Frank encouraged me to work out my own solutions in a way that I found very useful in understanding myself better. As a result, I was able to improve my time management skills and see my progress from session to session, which was really gratifying!
– Leah D., Travel Blogger, Colombia/USA

I was nervous during my initial session, but Frank instantly made me feel at ease. Imagine having someone who will listen with an open mind to everything you have to say, knows exactly the right thing to say at that moment and pushes you, though not too much, to achieve your goals, and you have Frank. Rather than tell me what to do with my life or give me advice in current obstacles I might be facing, Frank offered me something much more valuable: perspective. And this is something absolutely everyone can benefit from.
– Dana D., Reporter, New York

Originally, I would always feel frustrated not knowing how to deal with a strained relationship with a family member. Frank made me go beyond the surface level issues that were bothering me to find out what was really causing my irritations. Frank’s coaching gave me a different perspective on my situation, which allowed me to make self-realizations and come up with effective ways to heal my relationship. As a result, I have been able to regain and strengthen the relationship that I now have with my family.
– Sean M., Recruiter, Washington

Originally, I struggled maintaining focus, drive, and a positive outlook in my life post-graduation. Frank’s patient and honest approach to life coaching allowed me to feel comfortable sharing my problems. I never felt judged or embarrassed, and I left each session feeling productive and positive. No one had asked me the kind of questions that Frank asked. Frank was wonderful in helping me set achievable goals to attain each week that ultimately made me feel more positive about the place I’m at in my life. By doing so, I was able to dig deeper into what I truly want out of my career and relationships.
– Christa M., Global Export and Compliance Specialist, Massachusetts

I reached out to Frank to work on my relationship with my self and others, particularly around abandonment issues. Before coaching, I felt like I was destined to be rejected and could do nothing to change that. After working with Frank over three months, I now feel more comfortable in my own skin. I attribute value and love to myself, and I am connected to my power. I loved Frank’s valuable insights to the situations I presented. It was so powerful to connect these insights and shift my thinking.
– Lori P., Los Angeles

I worked with Frank as my coach for a 12-week business consulting and coaching program. As I faced the transition into my independent coaching practice, I wanted to increase both confidence and accountability. The fact that I had an overwhelming number of options was keeping me from making meaningful progress. As I worked with Frank, he helped me increase my focus while noticing when I was putting undue pressure on myself and burning energy on things out of my control. Specifically, I’ve been able to confidently test client generation tools with less fear of the outcome and instead focus on preparing myself as best I can. I really appreciated Frank’s blend of approachability and professionalism. He was warm and empathetic, but also driven and results-focused in support of my agenda. Frank was incredibly encouraging and supportive throughout our work together. He never stepped into my story, but helped me to comfortably explore the paths ahead of me and take charge of my own situation.
– Marc D., Career and Life Coach, San Francisco

At first, I was having feelings of guilt and selfishness for chasing my dreams and a new business opportunity. There were so many self-limitations I had created for myself that I didn’t even realize I had until working with Frank. I am so grateful for his compassionate yet probing questions which kept me always moving forward. Frank helped me realize that I am worth the success that I achieve and that putting myself first by going after my goals will also benefit loved ones in my life. With that awareness, I was able to move past the feelings of guilt and embrace all that I am meant to be.
– Dori S., Vice President for Organizational Effectiveness, Washington

When I was faced with life-changing decisions I had to make rather fast, I turned to Frank as a personal coach. The process was mind-blowing for me. Besides getting incredible support from Frank, I was able to explore my fears, self-doubts, values, and therefore get an incredible sense of who I truly am. Frank is incredibly intuitive and wise. He challenges you in a humble, supportive and clever way. I felt I was not alone in dealing with my tough decisions. I felt a sense of hope and comfort knowing that we would be able to solve any challenge together.
– Ana K., Entrepreneur, USA/Russia

I sought out Frank when I was looking to get clarity about who I want to be in my life and career as I approach 50 this year. I was struggling with too much thinking and not getting into action. I appreciated Frank’s way of connecting the dots and seeing patterns in what I was saying and then asking questions that guided me to powerful AH-HA moments. Frank always knew how to bring me back when I got off track. I now feel much more clear, focused and grounded in who I am. I am having more fun and putting myself out there to do different things. I am also more present in my conversations with family, friends and clients.
– Caren P., President of CP Branding Solutions, California

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